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Green Elephant

Wraps & Low Waste Lunch

Beeswax wraps, reusable sandwich bags, reusable straws, reusable coffee cups, drink bottles, lunch totes, lunch boxes, food wraps, reusable snack packs, silicone food storage bags, DIY beeswax wrap kits, compostable sandwich bags, wooden cutlery, stainless steel straws,

5089 Love Lis Superbloom Cuppacoffeecup
Tropical Beeswax Bag | Snack and Sandwich Lizzies Wraps
Lunch Pack - Butterfly | Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps New
Set of 3-Wild Thing| Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps New
Life’s a beach Family Pack | Beeswax wraps Lizzies Wraps
Earthware Bamboo Straws SMALL set of 6 straws - 17cm Earthware
Kiwi Summer Beeswax Bag | Snack and Sandwich Lizzies Wraps
Under the Sea Family Pack | Beeswax wraps Lizzies Wraps New
llama drama Lunch Pack | Beeswax wraps Lizzies Wraps
Resealable Compostable Sandwich Bags - 30 Bags Better Future Packaging Ltd On Sale
Big Flat - Dragon Fruit - Organic | Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps
Copper Hammered Water Bottle Back to basics New Zealand
5034 Sleeping Hine Cuppacoffeecup
5068 Tinman Squares Cuppacoffeecup
Lunch Pack - Camo | Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps New
Kids' Collection Beeswax Lunch Food Wraps - SUPERHEROES nectar
Earthware beeswax food wraps - SET OF 3 - MINT Earthware
300ml Reusable Pouches Kai Carrier
Earthware beeswax food wraps - SET OF 3 - FUNK Earthware New
Earthware beeswax food wraps - SET OF 3 - URBAN Earthware New
5084 Courage and Pride Cuppacoffeecup
Kids' Collection Beeswax WRAPS - PJ Masks nectar
Kai Carrier Ultimate Pack Kai Carrier
Reusable Bent Drinking Straws - Standard 4 Pack Purely Natural NZ Limited

Wraps & Low Waste Lunch

Everything you need to ensure you are as close to a litterless lunch as possible. No need for cling wrap, beeswax wraps come in different sizes so you can wrap anything from a small snack up to a man size sandwich. Remember to take a reusable coffee cup wherever you go and you will never send a coffee cup to landfill again – Cuppee even have silicon collapsible coffee cups so they can easily fit in your pocket. Cuppacoffecup have some fabulous coffee cup designs created by some well known artists which are sure to inspire and make for a unique eco gift.

If you are fed up with plastic lunchboxes that last less than a year then try a sturdy stainless steel lunchbox instead which is designed to take a few knocks and scrapes. Stainless steel water bottles should last for years and don’t taint the taste of the water like plastic sometimes can.

Maybe you have given up disposable straws but miss slurping your favourite drink – stainless steel straws aren’t expensive and can be easily washed for reuse over and over again. Reusable straws come in different lengths (even short cocktail straws!) and thicker straws for smoothies.

Silicone food storage bags have proved to be especially popular whether for taking a sandwich for lunch or storing leftovers in the fridge. If you feel you really must use a plastic sandwich bag then swap the plastic for a resealable compostable sandwich bag which can be used a number of times and then placed on your compost where the cornstarch based product will completely compost in a matter of months.

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