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Green Elephant

Reusable & Compostable Bags

Compostable or recyclable paper bags, compostable bin liners made from cornstarch, reusable grocery bags, cotton backpacks, compostable kitchen tidy liners, reusable string bags, canvas tote bags, compostable courier bags, mesh bags, farmers market bag...

ECV-18 Canvas Tote Bag With Gusset Ecobagsnz Ltd
50 X EP-CHK20 Checkout Bags – Large Ecobagsnz Ltd
EJ-209 Jute Supermarket Bag Natural With Black Gusset Ecobagsnz Ltd
ECV-09 Canvas Kiwiana Pohutukawa Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
String & Canvas Base Tote Back to basics New Zealand
25 X EP-TH02 Twisted Handle Paper Bag – Medium Ecobagsnz Ltd
ECV-12 Canvas Sling Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
50 X EP-SOS3 Lightweight Paper Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
Reusable Natural Cotton Bags (Team of 5) The Tui
Eco-Grocery Starter Sets 2 Ecobagsnz Ltd
ED-8000 Compostable Vege Bags Ecobagsnz Ltd
Carry Pouch - Just Peachy Pouch Products
ECV-08 Canvas Promotional bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
EC-05 Cotton promotional bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
25 X EP-TH03 Twisted Handle Paper Bag – Large Ecobagsnz Ltd
Zero Waste Shopping Bags Combo 6 Piece Set Back to basics New Zealand
Extra Thick Compostable Kitchen Tidy Liner 27L-20 Bags Better Future Packaging Ltd On Sale
Giraffe tote shoulder bag Back to basics New Zealand
ED-2027-H Compostable 27L Ecobagsnz Ltd
Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tote Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
50 X EP-CHK19 Checkout Bags – Medium Ecobagsnz Ltd
Vintage Cat Tote Back to basics New Zealand
Day Of The Dead Essentials Big Bag Back to basics New Zealand
Jute Box Style Kiwana Shopper Back to basics New Zealand
50 X EP-SOS1 Lightweight Paper Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
ECO SAINT Small Jute Bag Eco Saint

Reusable & Compostable Bags

Many of the compostable bags look similar to plastic bags but they are usually made of cornstarch which will take a matter of months to breakdown entirely in suitable composting conditions. A good compostable bag should leave no harmful residues when it is disposed of. Whilst some compostable bags are certified for home composting others are not and these will take longer to compost unless disposed of in a commercial composting facility where higher temperatures are possible. If you are not sure which kind of bag is right for you then do some research online or get in touch with us……we are more than happy to advise.

Reusable bags make for a much easier choice simply pick a design that you like and make sure it is big enough and strong enough for your intended use. From lightweight foldable shopping bags to heavy duty canvas farmers market bags we have a bag for every purpose. Just don’t forget to take it with you!

If you haven’t found the bag you’re looking for on this page then have a look in one of our other bag categories, Bags & Handbags which includes some more fashion inspired designs or search our site for a specific term using the search box at the top of any page.

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