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Low Waste Kitchen

Wooden Brush Kitchen Set Eco Stuff
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Mustard Flower The Green Collective
*SUPER* SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Spots The Green Collective
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Confetti The Green Collective
Lime + Rosemary Dish Soap Block harper & leafNew
ED-2060 Compostable Bin Liners 60L Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Stainless Steel Cloths Pegs Be Natural Soap
Dishbar CaliWoods Eco-Products
Eco Cloth - Medium (3 in a pack) Good Change
Eco Bottle Brush Etico
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Cockatoo by Evie Kemp The Green Collective
Set 0f 5 Wooden tags Reusable write-on Tags (Pine) The Tui
ED-2000-S 7-8L Caddy Liner Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
2 x15l ZingBokashi Composting kits -Family Starter Pack ZingBokashi
Soap Cage/ Soap Shaker EcoWarehouse
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Cactus The Green Collective
ED-8000 Compostable Barrier Bags -Fresh & Frozen Food Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Bird The Green Collective
CaliWoods Clothing Pegs CaliWoods Eco-Products
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Stripes The Green Collective
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Flowerhood Design The Green Collective
Eternity Pegs - Rainbow Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs EcoLuxe Living
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | All Is Connected The Green Collective
ED-2018-H Compostable and Biodegradable Bin Liner 18L Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Vegetable Brush - French Etico
Set of 5 Wooden tags Reusable write-on tags (Rimu) The Tui
Clothes Pegs - 25x Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel No. 8 Essentials
Beechwood Dish Brush Replacement Head Etico

Low Waste Kitchen

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