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Eco shopping bags, reusable grocery bags, drawstring bags, eco tote bag, canvas bags, biodegradable bin liners, reusable produce bags, paper bag, cotton tote bags, foldable shopping bag, jute bags, biodegradable plastic bags, canvas shopping bags, paper shopping bags, promotional bags, paper kraft bags, and more...

Carry Pouch - Just Peachy Pouch Products
Grocery Pouch - Purple Pouch Products
50 X EP-SOS3 Lightweight Paper Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
ECV-08 Canvas Promotional bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
Fresh Produce Mesh Bags, Multi Pack (4 bags) EcoWarehouse
ECO SAINT Small Jute Bag Eco Saint
Cotton Bread Bag Back to basics New Zealand
Zenbag Carbon Grey Zenbags Ltd
Magic Reusable Make Up Remover Pads The HippieStraw New
Eco-Grocery Starter Sets 1 Ecobagsnz Ltd
Fun & Playful - 8 Piece Reusable Bag System GATHER Reusable Bag System
EJ-202B Jute shopper bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
Vintage Cat Tote Back to basics New Zealand
Don't be Trashy Indigo Rose
ECV-14 Tote With Gusset Black Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
EJ-202 Jute Shopper Natural Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
25 X EP-M11 Medium Punched Out Handle Ecobagsnz Ltd
The Eco Box The Natural Box
ECO SAINT Tote Bag Eco Saint
EJ-209 Jute Supermarket Bag Natural With Green Gusset Ecobagsnz Ltd
4 x Green Zenbags - Made from 3 x Plastic Bottles Zenbags Ltd
EJ-209 Jute Supermarket Bag Natural With Black Gusset Ecobagsnz Ltd
Coastal Basket Tote Etico On Sale
Jute String Petit Sac Back to basics New Zealand
Silicone Food Lids The HippieStraw New
Sweet as Honey Back to basics New Zealand
ECO SAINT Medium Jute Bag Eco Saint


Having reusable eco bags to hand is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use and subsequently waste – are you going plastic free?

For general shopping, groceries or just to carry your stuff, we have a great selection of environmentally friendly reusable bags. Reusable produce bags are especially good for fresh items at the supermarket and there are smaller drawstring jute and cotton bags too for around the home – for organising your sewing perhaps?

A hard wearing jute reusable grocery bag always comes in handy and ecobagsnz have some fabulous kiwiana prints to choose from. We also have a great choice of carry pouches and reusable totes which come in a variety of funky and stylish designs – there are even wine totes from our friends at Toodles Noodles! Whether you’re looking for eco friendly shopping bags or reusable grocery bags, you’ll find some great ideas here.

We really do have a reusable shopping bag for every occasion and every taste. Choose from a Fairtrade tote bag, large or small drawstring bags, organic cotton reusable bags, foldable shopping bag, calico food pouch, super strong canvas tote, jute natural bag, large reusable grocery bag, cotton promotional bag, biodegradable plastic bags and more…..

If you want to make more of a fashion statement with your eco bags you may find what you’re looking for in our Bags & Handbags collection.

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