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Green Elephant

Gifts & Wrapping

Eco gift boxes, gift hampers, living tree gifts, sustainable gift sets with eco gift wrap makes the perfect green gift.

Peanut the Elephant Tree Gifts NZ
Chilli & Lime Tree Gifts NZ
Woodlands Air Plant Terrarium Ecobubbles
Trees Please! Camellia Tree Gift Trees Please
Mixed Notecard Box Seventh and Two
Animals Like to Party Wrapping Paper Toodles Noodles
Chocolate Delight Tree Gifts NZ
Camellia Tree Gift Tree Gifts NZ
Scoop Succulent & Cactus Bowl Ecobubbles
'A note to say...' Notecard Box Seventh and Two
Air Trees and Air Plants, Single or Group Ecobubbles
Reusable Gift Wrap - Blue & Red Wrapper's Delight
Relax and Unwind Tree Gifts NZ
Reusable Gift Wrap - Triangles & Spots Wrapper's Delight
Trees Please! Feijoa Tree Gift Trees Please
Trees Please! Olive Tree Gift Trees Please
Trees Please! Trowel and Fork Gift Set Trees Please
'Hello' Notecard Box Seventh and Two
Reusable Gift Wrap - Vintage Floral Wrapper's Delight New
'Thank you' Notecard Box Seventh and Two
Good For Everything Spray Giftbox Santosa
Trees Please! Gardener's Tote Gift Set Trees Please
Trees Please! Olive Skincare Gift Set Trees Please
Camel + Toucan Card Bohome and Roam
Summer Air Plant Terrarium Ecobubbles
Air Plant Stands Tree Gifts NZ
'Yes Chef!' Box Seventh and Two
Trees Please! Gardenia Tree Gift Trees Please

Gifts & Wrapping

Of course most products on Green Elephant could make a wonderful gift for the right person and on our Gift Collections page we help guide you to the perfect gift. There you will find collections of gifts by recipient, gifts for people with different interests and budget friendly options too.

These Gifts & Wrapping pages contain all our eco friendly gift wrap along with ready made eco giftboxes, gift hampers and gift sets. Our Vendors have done the hard work creating unique thoughtful gifts ready to give – if you’re looking for a last minute gift idea or short on time then this is the place to look.

Living plant gifts are particularly popular for every occasion as they provide years of enjoyment and when matched with some thoughtfully selected eco treats you get the perfect combination. An Air Plant or Terrarium is easy to look after and brightens up a desk or other interior space.

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