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All natural perfume, aromatherapy perfume, perfume oils, natural roll on perfume..........

100% Natural Perfume - Spring Bouquet No. 8 Essentials
100% Natural Perfume - Sweet Jasmine No. 8 Essentials
Goddess Natural Perfume Flora Essentials
100% Natural Perfume - Neroli & Sandalwood No. 8 Essentials
Lotus Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
100% Natural Perfume - Rose Garden No. 8 Essentials
Magnolia Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
Neat Original Perfume and Cologne Neat Natural Products
Pacific Blue Perfume La Sirene Aromatica
Waterlily Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
Rose Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
Frangipani Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
100% Natural Perfume - Spiced Vanilla No. 8 Essentials
Jasmine Botanical Perfume (Organic) It's All Good
Venus Natural Perfume Flora Essentials
100% Natural Perfume - Frangipani No. 8 Essentials


Everyone deserves to smell good!! This is where you’ll find our range of all natural perfumes including aromatherapy perfume, perfume oil and even the occasional unisex cologne.

You are sure to find a scent that will delight you. Choose from 100% natural floral perfumes like a calming Lavender Perfume Oil, a divine floral sandalwood natural perfume with rose heart notes or an alluring scent with the aromas of Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot and Jasmine.

These handcrafted perfumes, made right here in New Zealand, are packed full of natural fragrance and essential oils, so, you can be sure they are safer for you. Whether you prefer a roll on or a spray you’ll find a selection of both.

Why choose natural anyway? Many synthetic perfumes contain a blend of numerous artificial fragrance chemicals which can often irritate sensitive skin. There are thousands of these potential ingredients in use and whilst many haven’t even been tested some have been linked to pretty serious health concerns. Without an ingredients list do we really know what we are putting on our skin?

We would love to see more natural perfume on these pages, so, if you know someone that makes great perfumes or organic fragrance suitable for our Marketplace please suggest them as a vendor and we’ll get in touch with them.

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