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Oils & Balms

Natural face oil, organic manuka essential oil, natural massage oil, kawakawa healing balm, eco massage wax, natural healing salve, body & hair oil, beeswax balm, eco essential oils, organic muscle rub, organic rosehip oil, 100% essential oils, bug balm, natural shaving oil....

Ama Plantbased Ocean Balm - Protect • Hydrate • Repair Ama Balm
Divinity Massage Oil Hayley Benseman
Cacay Oil (Organic) It's All GoodOn Sale
Comfry Healing Balm Halwyn Holistics
Cypress Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All GoodOn Sale
Comfrey Ointment 30ml Naturally Herbal
Survival Balm (Organic) It's All GoodOn Sale
Little Dragon Baby Oil 120ml Naturally Fabulous
Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All GoodOn Sale
Study Buddy Halwyn Holistics
Goodsport Horse Hound & Hunter Goodsport
100% Essential Lavender Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
Gentleman Oil Hathor Fusion
100% Essential Lemon Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
Ranger ~ Men's Cologne Flora Essentials
Organic Body Oil 100ml greentrading
Manuka Essential Oil Goodsport
Orange (sweet) Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All GoodOn Sale
Peppermint Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All GoodOn Sale
Lavender Essential Oil Lavender Magic
Rosemary Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All GoodOn Sale
Moisturising Oil - Acne Prone - Organic - 100% Natural No. 8 Essentials
Calendula & Hemp salve Oh Goodness
Moisturising Oil - Dry Skin - Organic 100% Natural No. 8 Essentials
Warrior Roller Bottle Flora Essentials
Hair and Scalp Oil SRS Clinics
Grapefruit Essential Oil (Certified Organic) It's All GoodOn Sale
Moisturising Oil - Normal Skin - Organic 100% Natural No. 8 Essentials

Oils & Balms

So, you’ve found our natural oils & balms collection but what’s it all about? On these pages you’ll find everything for health & beauty that is oil based as well as numerous natural balms that come in little pots or tins! If you are looking specifically for natural lip balms you can find our selection organic and natural lip balms here.

Oils and balms come in all shapes and sizes for a multitude of uses, so take your time to enjoy what’s on offer. Some of the products are multi-purpose having been formulated to be effective for a number of different skin problems. You’ll find all the information you need within the product details. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions and want a natural alternative to steroid creams then you may find a solution within our Skin Rescue category.

Discover natural balms for everyday use as well as natural healing balms for all those scrapes, scratches, bites and stings that life throws at us. Perhaps you would rather mix up your own remedy in which case choose from our selection of organic essential oils.

Our range of natural body oils provide nourishing moisture for your skin using blends of oils rich in vitamins and minerals. Looking at the ingredients list you’ll feel reassured that you’re putting natural goodness on your skin rather than chemicals and artificial fragrances. Of course they can also be used as a natural massage oil if you can find a willing partner! With natural oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and macadamia oil blended together with organic & natural essential oils the end result is sure to please. If you’re feeling adventurous try a natural body & hair oil to nourish dry ends and enhance your hair’s natural shine.

For sensitive skin or little ones we’ve got organic baby balm and natural baby massage oil to moisturise, nourish and protect. You may also find what you are looking for in our Baby & Child Bathing & Skincare category.


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