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Exotic Bronzer Eco Boutique
La Mav® Mattifying Powder 3g Naturally Fabulous
PERFECTION Light Caramel Foundation Eco Boutique
FLAWLESS Olive Foundation Eco Boutique
La Mav® Organic Bio-Active Concealer 8ml Naturally Fabulous
FLAWLESS Sand Foundation Eco Boutique
PERFECTION True Tan Foundation Eco Boutique
White Light Illuminator Eco Boutique
PERFECTION Lightest Beige Foundation Eco Boutique
FLAWLESS Porcelain Foundation Eco Boutique
La Mav® Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation SPF 15 8g Naturally Fabulous
PERFECTION Vanilla Foundation Eco Boutique
PERFECTION Neutral Sand Foundation Eco Boutique
FLAWLESS Light Tan Foundation Eco Boutique
FLAWLESS Light Beige Foundation Eco Boutique
Uluru Blush Eco Boutique
Dreamtime Blush Eco Boutique


This is where you’ll find all our natural makeup for the face including natural foundation, natural mineral blushers and natural concealers. For finishing touches including eye shadows and mascara you may like to look at our eye makeup range.

You might be lucky enough to have great skin without makeup in which case read no further. For the rest of us where do you start for that perfect flawless look? If you struggle with uneven skin tone, dark under eyes or blemishes a natural mineral concealer may become your next best friend – this is your secret weapon and can hide a multitude of sins.

Next we are going to help you find the perfect natural foundation. Consider your skin type and the effect you are after – some of our products are best suited to dry or mature skin and give a more luminous look whilst others are better for oily or young skin and create a matte look. Once you have determined your product range choose a shade from our extensive collection of natural foundation that complements your skin tone. To apply your mineral foundation you’ll find the perfect vegan natural makeup brush and more within our makeup accessories pages.

When you are in need some extra colour in your cheeks then a dash of natural mineral blusher or bronzer should do the trick nicely. You’re looking good – you just need some natural eye makeup to pick out the colour of your outfit and you’re done. Perfect!!

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