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Bath & Body

Natural bath products, organic bath products,

Lavender Cream for Hands and Body Lavender Magic On Sale
Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Magnesium & Lavender Oils Udderly Pure
Liquid Castile Soap 200ml Concentrate Flower and Field
Baby Balm Beekeeper's Daughter
Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Kawakawa Udderly Pure
Shaving Set No3 LTD
Organic Body Oil 100ml greentrading
Butter Up Buttercup – Body Butter The Sage Apothecary
Shampoo/ Conditioner / Shave Bar/ Solid Lotion Bar Comb MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Moisturising Body Butter Beekeeper's Daughter
Underbalm Lemongrass & Lime No3 LTD
Be Smooth - Organic Cocoa Butter and Pink Clay Soap Be Natural Soap
Green Tea and Hempseed Facewash Liquid Soap Concentrate Flower and Field
Spicy Delight Bath Truffle 3 x pack pouch Hayley Benseman
Natural Lavender Deodorant Hayley Benseman
Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Rosewater Udderly Pure
Honey + Oatmeal soap The Natural Box
Tora Temptress Body Butter - Lemongrass & Sweet Orange MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Avocado + Carrot Luxe Body Oil SoSimple Natural Skincare
All Natural Chamomile Shaving Soap The Bach
HeLux - DeLuxe - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Herbal Deodorant Stick - Floral Mara Botanical
Hand & Body Bar - Nutta Butta Raw Nature
Lake Ferry Lady Body Silk MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Soap Pack - 5 Luxury Eco Bars MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Coffee Body Scrub, 100% natural & made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree
Lavender Deodorant Stick - Babe in the Woods Raw Nature
SheLux - Basic Beauty Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Natural Cellulite Cream Hathor Fusion
Rose/Lime Deodorant Stick - Dessert Island Raw Nature
Cucumber and Mint Organic Coffee Body Scrub Honor Body Scrubs
Mint Deodorant Stick - Fresh Freak Raw Nature
Organic Tea Tree and Clove Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Featherston Fox Body Mousse - Pina Colada MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
All Natural Oats with Coconut Shaving Soap The Bach
Soap Pure Coconut Fiji Spice Queen
Organic Neem Hair and Body Wash 50ml greentrading
Hand Lotion Little Olive Tree
Natural Deodorant 80g - Lavender Wendyls
Travel Shampoo and Face Cleanser Bar MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Body & Hair Oil Cardamon & Nutmeg Fiji Spice Queen
Cape Gooseberry & Musk Soap Camille Co.
Solid Lotion Bar - Peppermint Blast MOVE2ECO LIMITED New
Calamine Balm No3 LTD
Maid Martinborough Body & Face Scrub MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Luxury Bath Truffle 3 x pack pouch Hayley Benseman
Warm Amber & Peach Soap Camille Co.
Shampoo/ Conditioner / Solid Lotion Bar Combo MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Vanilla Deodorant Little Mango
Tora Temptress Body Butter - Ylang Ylang & Rose MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Patchouli & Citrus Hand and Body Wash No3 LTD
Body & Hair Oil Coconut Fiji Spice Queen
ZEN+TONIC Manuka and Vetiver Body Cream Good Creations
Organic Cocoa and Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub Honor Body Scrubs
Lanolin and Calendula Soap Flower and Field
Soy and Lanolin Shaving Croap Flower and Field
Rosa del Mar Bath Soak La Sirene Aromatica
Soap bar trio The Natural Box
Soap Frangipani Fiji Spice Queen
Baby Carrot Soap Flower and Field
Calm Lavender & Chamomile Baby Balm Hello Melba
Body Bar - Honey Oat & Cinnamon MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Bee Fresh Deodorant - Push up Balm Bee Fresh Deodorant
Body Bar - Energise Ama Balm
Udderly ZESTY Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure
Vanilla Deodorant Stick -Sensitive Skin (unscented) Raw Nature
SheLux - Everyday Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
SheLux - Lux Beauty Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Shaving Soap No3 LTD
Body & Hair Oil Ylang Ylang & Mandarin Fiji Spice Queen
Natural Deodorant 80g - Unscented Wendyls
Solid Lotion Bar - Eastern Flower MOVE2ECO LIMITED New
Fresh and Kind Solid Deodorant nectar New
Citrus Body Butter Natural Me Limited
Birch Tar Handmilled Soap Flower and Field
Sugar Scrub Mango & Mandarin Fiji Spice Queen
Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle Soap Camille Co.
Barrier Fragrance Free Baby Balm Hello Melba New
Castile Liquid Soap 250ml - made from Organic Olive Oil Naturally Herbal
Soap Noni Superfruit Fiji Spice Queen
Body & Hair Oil Fragrance Free Fiji Spice Queen
ZEN+TONIC Multi-Buy (20% off) Good Creations
Blue Rock Babe Deodorant with Natural Colloidal Silver MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Calendula Cream for Hands and Body Lavender Magic
Natural Deodorant 80g - Rose Wendyls
AGELESS Organic Rosehip and Strawberry Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Body Bar - Lemongrass Love MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Citrus Deodorant Little Mango
Organic Coconut and Coffee Sugar Scrub The Soap Shop Ltd
Hathor Fusion Deodorant Cream Hathor Fusion
Body Lotion Starfruit & Mandarin Fiji Spice Queen
Ylang Ylang/grapefruit Deodorant Stick - Get Lucky Raw Nature
SheLux - DeLuxe Beauty Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Sabun Olive Oil Soap ( 2x soap pack) Sabun - Eczema Rescue Products
Natural Deodorant 80g - Citrus Wendyls
Luffa Glove UNIQA NZ
SheLux - Basic Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Citrus Deodorant Stick - Nature Nerd Raw Nature
Manuka Liquid Soap Kapitea Oils Ltd
For Baby - Natural NZ Lavender Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Buttermilk and Lavender Soap Flower and Field
Sage Mama Bump Butter – Rose Geranium & Mandarin The Sage Apothecary
Body Bar - Tea Tree Trio MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Herbal Deodorant Stick - Spicy Mara Botanical
SheLux - Lux Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Brackenridge Beauty Body Scrub with Coconut Oil MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Body Bar - Lavender Lush Swirl MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Natural Goat Milk Lotion with Calamine Udderly Pure
Organic Vegan Soap – Morning Freeze Etico
Luffa soap pouch UNIQA NZ
Rose Geranium with Cocoa Butter No3 LTD
HeLux - Everyday - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Rosemary & Lavender with Mango Butter & Jojoba No3 LTD
Probiotic Deodorant Bar Back to the Wild
SheLux - DeLuxe Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Body Lotion Simply Mango Fiji Spice Queen
Patchouli & Citrus with Sweet Almond No3 LTD
Whipped Shea Body Butter, 100% natural & made in NZ Little Olive Tree
Luffa soap pouch + Palm Oil free Soap Bar - SET UNIQA NZ
Natural Deodorant Tea Tree & Lavender The Bach
LAVENDER + PEPPERMINT soap The Natural Box
Organic Supergreen Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Tranquility Bath Soak La Sirene Aromatica
Cedarwood Deodorant Little Mango
Hand Lotion - Peppermint Raw Nature
Hathor Fusion Stretch Mark Cream Hathor Fusion
Rose Geranium Deodorant Little Mango
Body Butter Myself Skincare Ltd
Natural Deodorant 80g - Patchouli Wendyls
SheLux - Everyday Beauty Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Udderly SMOOTH Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure New
Udderly PURE Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure
Rosemary and Lavender Leaf Solid Shampoo La Sirene Aromatica
Timber Soap Rack Be Natural Soap
Activated Charcoal Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure
Face Bar - Charcoal & Tea Tree MOVE2ECO LIMITED New
Organic Aloe Vera and Mint Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Hand & Body lotion - unscented Raw Nature
Udderly NAKED Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure
New Zealand Lavender & Black Pepper Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Castile Liquid Soap 500ml - made from Organic Olive Oil Naturally Herbal
Body Lotion Little Olive Tree
Body Bar - Moisturise Ama Balm
Underbalm Patchouli & Citrus No3 LTD
Body Lotion Ginger Fiji Spice Queen
All Natural Ginger Shaving Soap The Bach
Luffa Sponge 12-13 cm UNIQA NZ
Hand and Body Cream No3 LTD
Body Bar - Hydrate Ama Balm
Body Bar - Nourish Ama Balm
Body Bar - Orange Bliss MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Blackcurrant & Vanilla Soap Camille Co.
Natural Peppermint & Tea Tree Deodorant Hayley Benseman
Sugar Scrub Vanilla Fiji Spice Queen
Sugar Scrub Coconut Fiji Spice Queen
HeLux - Basic - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Body Stick - Nutta Butta (unscented) Raw Nature
Coir Body Scrub Pad Etico
Soap Starfruit Fiji Spice Queen
Oval Bath Mitten UNIQA NZ
Liquid Hand and Body Wash Concentrate 200ml Flower and Field
Vegetable Square Sponge UNIQA NZ
Ponatahi Princess Massage, Body and Bath Oil MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Organic Coffee Body Scrub Honor Body Scrubs

Bath & Body

We’ve got a great selection of organic, natural bath & body products for you to enjoy on these pages. We’ll clean you up and keep you smelling fresh all day long without exposing you to harmful parabens, sulphates & petrochemicals that are still so widely used.

If you are the type of person who prefers a quick shower in the morning you’ll be delighted by the choice of bodywash and shower gels. They are available in a multitude of scents and flavours using gorgeous natural ingredients like vanilla, lime, patchouli, ginger, mango, ylang ylang and mint. Packed full of goodness that will gently cleanse and nourish your body. If you’ve got more time, start with some bath salts from Clarry’s for a relaxing luxurious soak in the tub. Then follow up with one of our lovely all natural body scrubs to buff away dry and dead skin cells to reveal the smooth and soft skin below.

Skin feeling a bit dry and tight? Then of course we’ve got the natural body moisturiser you need. From beautiful body lotions and oils to body butters and bars you’re sure to find a product to suit you. Some of them even sound good enough to eat although we wouldn’t recommend it!

Don’t forget the finishing touch for your natural bath & body regime – an all natural deodorant. They work with your body in a gentle yet effective way and are available in pots, sticks or sprays. A natural deodorant is a great choice for people with sensitive skin or skin problems as the gentle formula is less likely to cause irritation. The same is true for most of our natural bath and body care products – kinder for you and the environment.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for then try our Skincare category for organic and all natural goodness for your Face, Hands & Feet.

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