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Calendula K+ Cream

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Healing Calendula cream with a kick of Kawakawa and so much more

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Calendula Kawakawa + more goodness in a cream

A first aid skin repair cream for skin ailments. Eczema to bee stings - nappy rash to cracked heals. The Ultimate one pot wonder.

There is actually a bit of a story here - and it is so hard to put into words how excited I am to bring you this product after working on it for so long - and really been through the hell of it all in the first place.

It all started with mums Calendula Cream and my two girls covered in Eczema. (Skip to the bottom if you just want the ingredient list)

I was a young mum with a sweet new baby girl covered in itchy inflamed open wounds. She weaned herself from my breast milk at a really young age - this was so distressing. Her body naturally told her that my milk was not safe for her with what I was eating. She was always upset and never for one second would stop scratching. We could never leave her naked as we had done with our first boy and for some reason this really upset me - still to this day. So many appointments to doctors / specialists and so much time trying to

a. understand what was happening b. how can we fix it and c. deal with the emotions and stress that comes with being a mum of a severely Eczema prone baby of 6 months. (And remember this was in 2009 when allergies were a new and upcoming thing)

The specialist recommended we give up breast feeding and put her on a specialist synthetic formula and cover her in hydrocortisone cream.... by now you are gutted we went through this and can probably relate to your own situation or to some ones you know. But I KNOW you are shaking your head at that specialist with knowing that these days there is a better more holistic / natural way.

SO! From that moment forward our young family stiked out on our own. We implemented a new life changing way of eating better foods, researching different fabric blended baby clothes - joining on line groups / researching additives and synthetics and cleaning / baby products -  and the most imporant one of all... figuring out what to put on this babies skin to help with the wounds - while we learnt how to prevent it in the first place. Blood tests / skin prick tests / hair strand tests / food eliminations you name it we did it.

Thanks mum - In comes mums Calendula Cream. This stinky conconction of infused Calendula flowers in olive oil, sometimes mixed with comfrey and lavender - mixed into a thick viscious cream. This cream SAVED Olivias skin and my sanity. I probably could have done with some counselling but hey thats another story. This cream was always in upcycled jam jars and handed out to the extended family for any skin first aid relief. When we had our second girl 5 years later she was the same unfortunately BUT we knew what we were in for and came up fighting.

After years have passed of learning / reflecting and researching - in comes my CALENDULA K+ CREAM!

This cream is paying homage to my mothers original Calendula Cream - juiced up with my experience and knowledge of new and exciting plants that I know help - and with the ability to formulate effective creams. Whipped into a deliciously thick cream that penetrates the outer skin layer - and at the same time leaves a luscious coat of moisture to protect broken and dry skin. Just the right balance of cover without greasyness - there is a fine line. It has a very mild and pleasant herby earthy smell. Smells nice!

I have been through the hell  so know what you need for eczema - this is the best that I can possibly offer you in a natural product form. I really do hope you enjoy it. - Try it for dermatitis hands or Psoriasis skin. Just make sure to patch test first.

30ML pot size coming soon - great as a trial size or hand bag size on the run.

Now to the amazing ness of ingredients:

Wild harvested organic Kawakawa infused into water - water - Organic Calendulas infused into sunflower oil - Golden Jojoba Oil - NZ organic raw dark beeswax - vege emulsifier - Evening Primrose Oil - Organic Shea Butter - Eco Cert preservative - NZ Totara Extract - Mixed Toco Vitamin E Oil (natural) - German Chamomile and Lavender (Angustifolia) Essential Oils.

- In work test tube bacteria / yeast challenges have effectively been made with a final product that is safetly preserved. When removing cream from pot it is still a good idea to remove with a clean spoon. - Use within 1 year.

To use: Apply when and where you need it for skin ailments.  - Safe for babies to pregnant mummas - safe for all ages and stages ALL over the body. So that includes nappy changes or areas of the body that are sensitive.

Please! do a skin patch test. Apply a small amount of cream to the inside of your arm (elbow area) and leave for a good 20 mins. Or longer if you have a history of allergies. If the skin is clear after this time with no raised bumps - itchy patches or anyting concerning then you are good to go.



Prior to releasing this cream,  I had sent out many tester pots to people for their opinion, and was so greatful to receive this feedback from a Naki girl - along with some before and after pictures. To bring skin relief to all of you in NZ will bring me comfort for the experience we have been through.

"For 8 months I had awful eczema on my hands, particularly my right hand. When given the opportunity to use your cream i was nervous but hopeful nonetheless but now I’m absolutely in love!! It has healed my eczema so well that it’s about 95% gone and has also made my skin feel unbelievably soft. I’ve also noticed that my nails have gotten stronger as-well! I had tried many creams like Hemp cream and prescribed cream from the Doctor and literally nothing worked. I really can’t explain how amazing this cream is, not only is it completely natural and beautifully made, it truly works and has made an insecurity of mine go away."

Tayla - New Plymouth. Thank you for giving me the ok to share this review x


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Hand made by Hayley under Mount Taranaki

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Made using all naturally derived ingredients - wild sourced plants and weeds