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Lavender Essential Oil

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100% Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil is known for it’s anti fungal, anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It offers both physical and emotional relief for you and your family.

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Lavender oil's calming, soothing and sedative effect are suitable for all skin types.  Traditionally used to help with relaxation prior to sleep and to support a good nights rest.

How do I apply Lavender oil?

Lavender oil is a concentrated essential oil.  Like most other essential oils, it can be applied:

- Aromatically - the 'aroma' you breath is a vapor of the oil and contains all the same properties as the oil itself.

- Topically - apply Lavender oil directly to the skin (just a drop will do) or dilute it by adding it to a carrier oil.

-  Externally - around the home.

Following are some everyday uses for Lavender oil:

Aching Muscles - Apply Epsom salts and a few drops of Lavender oil to a warm bath and soak the tension away.

Acne - Add a few drops to a plain cream and use as a moisturizer or cleanser

Burns (minor) - Cool the area under running cold water for 5-20 minutes then gently apply Lavender oil for pain relief.

Colds - Fill the dish of an oil diffuser or 'vaporizer' with water and add 6-8 drops of Lavender oil.

Cuts & wounds - Apply lavender oil to sooth pain, prevent bacterial infection and aid scar-free healing.  Apply neat.

Earache - Warm a bottle of lavender oil in hot water for a minute or two, then gently massage a few drops into the skin around the ears and throat. For babies & small children, add 2-3 drops of the warmed oil to a little  olive oil and massage in the same way.

Eczema - Gently rub infused lavender oil (a few drops of lavender oil added to a carrier oil) into dry, itchy skin.  Small children will find this especially comforting or add a few drops of lavender oil to calamine lotion, shake well before use.

Fatigue - Add 5 drops of lavender oil to a hot foot bath and relax while your feet soak. The soles of the feet are particularly porous, so lavender reaches your bloodstream very quickly, exerting its stimulating and soothing effects on various systems of your body.

Giddy spells, Faintness or Palpitations - Make your own smelling salts by combining - sea salt, lavender oil, peppermint oil & basil oil.

Headaches - Make a compress from a piece of gauze or muslin soaked in icy cold water then sprinkled with a few drops of lavender oil and apply to the forehead, or massage a few drops into the forehead, temples and nape of the neck.

Insomnia - To help induce sleep, put 3 or 4 drops of lavender oil on your pillow. For babies, add 1 drop of lavender oil & geranium oil into a carrier oil and massage into your babies back or put a few drops in their bedtime bath.

Massage - Use diluted in a carrier oil to massage sore, tight muscles.

Menstrual cramps - Massage a few drops of lavender oil into your lower abdomen and apply a hot compress or wheat bag onto the area.

Moths - To keep moths off your clothes, hang lavender bags on your coat hangers or keep them among your sweaters.  Refresh them with a drop or two of lavender oil from time to time.

Insect bites - Apply a drop of oil to sooth itching and inflammation.

Laundry - Add a few drops of oil (up to a teaspoon full) to the washing machine when washing your sheets to give them a relaxing sent.

Nasal congestion - Make a hot water vapor/ steam tent with a few drops of Lavender oil added to relieve nasal congestion.

Sinusitis - Add two drops of lavender & thyme oil to a bowl of near-steaming water and inhale slowly and deeply, with a towel over your head & bowl.

Stress & Anxiety - Apply lavender oil neat to your temples.

Sunburn - Relieve stinging and itching burned skin by adding a few drops to a cool to-lukewarm bath and soak for 10 minutes.

Wasp stings - Apply a drop of oil to relieve itching and inflammation.



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Grown & small batch steam distilled.

Made in New Zealand

Sourced from Canterbury's finest lavender grower and bottled on site in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, NEW ZEALAND.

Pure and Safe

100% pure & natural, steam distilled and chemical free.