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Green Elephant

Condiments & Seasonings

Wakame salt, dried wakame, Horopito pepper....

Forest Gourmet Horopito - NZ Bush Pepper - 12g Forest Gourmet
Forest Gourmet NZ Wakame Salt Forest Gourmet
Kampot Peppercorns 50gm packs. Jonny ocean trading
Double Grinder and Kampot Peppercorn Giftpack Jonny ocean trading
*Double Deal* x 2 50gm packs. Jonny ocean trading
Acacia Hardwood Pepper Grinder Jonny ocean trading
Forest Gourmet NZ Wakame - 10g pouch Forest Gourmet
Next 500g Kampot Peppercorns Jonny ocean trading
Wooden and Acrylic Salt and Pepper Grinders Jonny ocean trading

Condiments & Seasonings

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