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Green Elephant


Ethical jewellery, New Zealand made jewellery, Aromatherapy jewellery, hand made jewellery, crystal jewellery.....

Amethyst Aura Quartz Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Blue Gold Tigers Eye Bracelet. Hawk Eye La Sirene Aromatica
3 Amulets: 950 silver beaded necklace Good Creations
Amethyst Earrings La Sirene Aromatica New
Amazonite, Sodalite, Moonstone Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Raw Amethyst Necklace La Sirene Aromatica
Copper Cuff Bracelet Sonia Therese Design
Chakra Sandalwood Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Silver Pearl Necklace La Sirene Aromatica
Ametrine Cloud Earrings La Sirene Aromatica
Turquoise Howlite Aroma Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Carnelian and White Sandalwood Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Fluorite Aroma Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Amethyst Aura Quartz Heart Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Pebble Half Chain Necklace Sonia Therese Design
3-in-1 Moonstone Necklace Good Creations
Saffron Tassel Earrings La Sirene Aromatica
Citrine Sunbeam Necklace La Sirene Aromatica
Trio of Circles Cluster Necklace Sonia Therese Design
Aroha Feather Earrings Sonia Therese Design
Rainbow Moonstone Aroma Bracelet. Silver La Sirene Aromatica
Chariklo. Chaorite Crystal Bracrlet La Sirene Aromatica
Trio of Feathers Necklace Sonia Therese Design
Mini Pebble Trio Cluster Earrings Sonia Therese Design
Mermaid Beaded Bookmark La Sirene Aromatica
Citrine Sterling Silver Ring La Sirene Aromatica
Heart Chakra Peridot & Pendant La Sirene Aromatica New
Aqua Aura, labradorite, clear quartz bracelet La Sirene Aromatica


Ethical Jewellery is a great choice when you’re buying a gift for someone else or wanting to treat for yourself to something special. It’s important to find the perfect look.

Whether you choose a subtle beaded necklace or a crystal aromatherapy bracelet, the jewellery you wear is a reflection of you and the image you portray to others. We have an inspriring collection including bangles, bracelets and necklaces that come with a story you won’t find elsewhere. Many of our items are Fair Trade and made overseas by survivors of sex trafficking or made from recycled old bombs!

Closer to home you can discover a stylish range of aromatherapy jewellery handmade in New Zealand with sterling silver charms and crystals or gemstones. Or why not pick out a new necklace to compliment your new organic dress? If you feel you need to accessorize further then start your journey on our womens accessories pages.

Whatever the style of jewellery that excites you, from sterling silver to glittering gold and dazzling gems as long as it has a Sustainable, Ethical or Healthy story we want it right here. If you know of a talented maker or Vendor of womens jewellery that should feature on our Marketplace then suggest them as a Vendor here.

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