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Green Elephant

Mens Fashion

Hemp Hat - Curved Brim - Green Enkindler.New
Buck Burpees Back to basics New Zealand
Wooden Sunglasses - Zephyr Vilo
SOUL.R Nebula Good Creations
SOUL.R Scorpio Good Creations
Hemp Hat - Curved Brim - Natural Enkindler.New
Hemp Hat - Flat Brim - Grey Enkindler.
Wooden Sunglasses - Shield - Grey Lens Enkindler.New
Wooden Sunglasses - Goin' Round - Brown Lens Enkindler.New
Wooden Sunglasses - Molasses Vilo
Wooden Sunglasses - Florence Vilo
Father of Wildlings GOT Back to basics New Zealand
Wooden Sunglasses - Canyon Vilo
Wooden Sunglasses - Classic - Grey Lens Enkindler.New
Best Dad in Seven Kingdoms GOT Back to basics New Zealand
Hemp Hat - Flat Brim - Teal Enkindler.
SOUL.R Zodiac Good Creations
Wooden Sunglasses - Eden Vilo

Mens Fashion

Finding ethical men’s fashion can be a real chore but now you’re here! Rest assured that everything you find in our men’s fashion category is sustainable or ethically produced. Many items are unique and original too giving you the opportunity to create your own look.

What you wear says so much about the person you are, so let your personality shine through. We all have our own fashion sense (whilst not always good!) to help guide us in what we wear. Let yours guide you as you browse our men’s fashion pages filled with certified organic cotton and recycled clothing and accessories. You’ll find messenger bags, organic cotton t-shirts and shirts and if you are lucky a new wooden case for your phone.

Whatever the season, and whatever look you’re trying to achieve, you’ll find a great range of clothes and accessories within our mens fashion category.

We are looking for like minded Vendors to join our community, so if you make or sell ethical men’s fashion and would like to be part of our marketplace then get in touch with us here.


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