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Eco Bin Liners

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Plastic bin liners have been ‘the norm’ for so long and given the icky stuff we put in our bins, it can be a bit of a leap to imagine anything else. Many of us used to use old supermarket shopping bags but since the ban on these bags in New Zealand, we’ve been forced to look for other options.

FACT: Plastic bin liners are just another single use plastic that can be avoided.

What Can I Do….??

There are lots of options to consider when thinking about how to line your bin. The most eco conscious way would be to use nothing…. That’s right, just empty and rinse!! And this is quite a do-able option for most bins around the house. However, going ‘linerless’ in the kitchen and bathroom might seem a bit disgusting at first. So, it’s good to know there are other options that are better than plastic bags.

Using newspaper is a great alternative. You can fold it into a fancy open envelope or cone shape, or simply lay it in there!! It will absorb some of the moisture if there is anything wet put into your bin and stops stuff sticking to the sides making it easy to empty.

A compostable liner might be the closest thing to a plastic bag liner that is a little better for the environment and these are now widely available in a range of sizes.

Go the Extra Mile

Simply reducing the amount of stuff we put in the bin is the ultimate goal here. Take a look at what’s in your bin next time you empty it. Is here any food waste in there that could have been composted or put in a worm farm…?? Are there any recyclable items…?? What about single use items that could have been refused at the source like straws…?? Do a little ‘bin audit’ and see if there are any items in your bin that needn’t be there. And then use our guides to find ways of eliminating them so you don’t even need to bring them home with you ….!!

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