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Dealing With Pet Poo the Eco Way

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Scooping the poop is definitely the right thing to do. In fact, if you don’t pick up after your dog, you can be fined – and rightly so. But what to scoop with…?? Single use plastic bags are unfortunately the ‘norm’ but these plastic bags are just more single use plastic going to landfill.

FACT: there are over half a million registered dogs in New Zealand – that’s a lot of poop to scoop!!

What Can I Do….??

When you’re out and about, consider using a compostable poo bag. Try to avoid degradable bags. These are just plastic bags with an additive in them to make them break down into smaller pieces of plastic. You could also use newspaper…??!!

Go the Extra Mile

At home, getting rid of poo couldn’t be easier than composting. We have a dedicated compost (hole in the ground) for dog poop and I’ve trained my dog to poo before we go out!! I use tongs to collect this and put it in a bucket before emptying into the hole. This is absolutely zero waste and I love that this saves me picking up poo when we’re out, although this does still happen occasionally…!!

There are lots of DIY pet poop composter tutorials on the internet but if you’re not that way inclined the EnsoPet from Zing Bokashi is a neat and effective alternative.

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